Prof. Dr. Quassim Cassam

Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Warwick

Quassim Cassam is Professor of Philosophy at Warwick University, UK. He was previously Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge, Professor of Philosophy at UCL, and, for 18 years, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Wadham College, Oxford. He works on various topics in epistemology, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of terrrorism and extremism. He has published numerous books, including Self and World (Oxford 1997), The Possibility of Knowledge (Oxford 2007), Self-Knowledge for Humans (Oxford 2014), with John Campbell, Berkeley’s Puzzle: What Does Experience Teach Us?(Oxford 2014), Vices of the Mind : From the Intellectual to the Political (Oxford 2019), and Conspiracy Theories (Polity 2019). His next book, Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis (Routledge) is due to be published in 2021. He has also edited a collection of essays called Self-Knowledge (Oxford 1994) and co-edited Vice Epistemology (Routledge 2021).