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26 January 2021

Ruth Tietjen wins the Dr. Leopold Lucas Junior Researcher Prize (20.000 €)

1 September 2020 in News

Two vacancies in the project

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15 July 2020 in News

Britt Pertijs has successfully completed her MA Thesis

This thesis studies - by way of in-depth interviews - right-wing fundamentalism among high-school students in the Netherlands.
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1 July 2020 in News

Rik Peels’ and Thirza Lagewaard’s paper on Group ignorance has been accepted

This paper applies social epistemology to fundamentalist attitudes and defends an account of what it is for groups to be ignorant.
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14 June 2020 in News

Rik Peels’ paper on Responsibility for Fundamentalist Belief has been accepted

This paper sketches some of the core ideas and hypotheses to be developed and tested in this project, both from epistemology and ethics. The core idea is that developing an…
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