‘Religious Extremism as Trigger of Reformation’ by Dr. Martin Accad

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‘Religious Extremism as Trigger of Reformation’ by Dr. Martin Accad

Date Published: 12 December 2023

Religions are dynamic in theology and praxis, both of which are the result of complex hermeneutics. Theological and praxiological dynamism is the reason for religions’ internal diversity (moderate to radical). Internal religious diversity challenges all essentialist interpretations of religions. This understanding of intra-faith dynamics opens the way for many possibilities in interfaith dialogue. We will explore, in particular, post-ISIS developments within Islam and their implications for interfaith dialogue. Conversely, we will close with brief reflections on how the Israel-Gaza war might impact intra-Christian dynamics as a result of rising tensions between “biblically-inspired” right-wing and progressive politics, and possible implications for interfaith dialogue in the future.

Dr. Martin Accad is currently associate professor of Islamic studies both at ABTS (Arab Babtist Theological Seminary) and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has published many articles and a book on dialogical theology, conflict, and Christian-Muslim relations is forthcoming. As director of ABTS’s Institute of Middle East Studies in Lebanon, his life purpose is to “bring about positive transformation in thinking and practice between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and beyond.”