Dr. Ian James Kidd

Assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham

Ian Kidd works on epistemology, history of the Western and Asian traditions, and the philosophies of education, science, illness and healthcare, and religion and the spiritual life. His current projects concern epistemic virtues and vices, philosophy of illness, epistemic injustice and illness, ethical and spiritual exemplars, Classical Chinese ethics and aesthetics, and the later work of Paul Feyerabend (the ‘epistemic anarchist’).

He is also active in efforts to improve the intellectual and demographic diversity of philosophy. He works on social and virtue epistemology, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and comparative philosophy, and draws freely upon the analytic, Continental, and Asian traditions.

He is committed to improving the representation of women and other under-represented groups in academic philosophy. He was founder-chair of the Durham Philosophy Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Group. (DIG) and Equality and Inclusion Officer for the School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science at Leeds and am a Friend of the Society for Women in Philosophy UK.