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Workshop: ‘Communication Across Difference’ 20-21 April

Datum evenement: 20 April 2023
Locatie: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Communication Across Difference
An Interdisciplinary Workshop

 April 20-21st, 2023
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
CLUE+ // Extreme Beliefs Project

We live in a connected world, but stigmatization, extremism, and polarization obstruct communication between persons with different social backgrounds and identities. This prompts questions on how and with which attitude we should engage with people with radically different perspectives. Such questions are especially pressing for social researchers in a time in which science and trust in science itself has become a polarized matter. How can we reverse processes of polarization by engaging with those who differ from us? Which kind of communicative activities are needed to enable respectful and fruitful interaction between differently placed social actors? This workshop brings together scholars who work on and with communication across difference, such as, e.g., in criminology, philosophy, religious studies, and sociology.

The workshop consists of pre-read sessions, including an introduction by the speaker and a response by the commentator, and a keynote lecture by professor Linda Martín Alcoff. There is a possibility to attend the keynote independently of the other sessions and it will also be streamed online.

We also organized a public event on April 19, see this page.

Keynote Lecture (also online)
Linda Martín Alcoff (CUNY, philosopher) will talk about “Dialogic Epistemology”
This talk will address the issue of communication across difference by exploring shared knowledge projects in situations of different standpoints, epistemic commitments, and positionalities with respect to power. You can watch the recording here.

Daniela Dover (Oxford, philosophy)
Alison Liebling (Cambridge, crimonology)
Marianne Moyaert (Leuven, interreligious dialogue)
Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach (VU, philosophy)
Naomi Kloosterboer (VU, philosophy)

Nora Kindermann (VU, philosophy)
Jaron Harambam (UvA, sociology)
Merel Talbi (VU, philosophy)
Solmu Anttila (VU, philosophy)
Hedwig te Molder (VU, communication)
Bogdana-Raluca Huma (VU, communication)

The registration is now closed.

The workshop is funded by CLUE+ (Call 23.01 grant, file nr. 0359) and by the Extreme Beliefs Project (H2020 European Research Council, Grant No. 851613).

Naomi Kloosterboer, Nora Kindermann & Anna Haase