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Outreach: ‘How to communicate across difference?’ 19 April

Datum evenement: 19 April 2023
Locatie: 3D


How to communicate across difference?
Date: 19-04-2023
Time: 18:00-19:45
Where: 3D (at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Registration: Closed
Contact: extremebeliefs.fgw@vu.nl

Do you live in your own bubble or do you regularly encounter people with different views and identities? How do you or should you approach such encounters? And how does this function in the context of research? Encounters between persons with different social backgrounds and identities is, under the influence of social media and globalization, obstructed by stigmatization, extremism, and polarization. Through pitches and co-creation, we will explore these questions: How do and should academics reach out to and communicate with differently situated actors? And how can curiosity towards another person also serve the interests of that person and avoid exploiting them?

Is it important to you that people with different backgrounds and perspectives stay in contact? Are you doing or interested in research with differently situated actors? Meet us at 3D and join the conversation! The co-creation will be led by Iris Lechner, and contrary to what is stated on the poster, Merel Talbi and Naomi Kloosterboer will respond to the results.

There will also be a pre-read workshop on Communication Across Difference on April 20-21. For more information, see this page.