Hier vindt u video’s van de lezingen, conferenties, interviews en debatten die we hebben georganiseerd.

‘Religious Extremism as Trigger of Reformation’ by Dr. Martin Accad

12 december 2023

‘Grievance-fueled violence can be better understood using an enactive approach’ by Gerrit Glas & Bram Sizoo

2 november 2023

‘The Puzzles of State Extremism’ by Dr. Jonathan Leader Maynard

21 september 2023

13. Lecture on ‘The Responsibility of far-right theorists for extreme beliefs’ by Christian Demmelbauer

30 juni 2023

12. Lecture ‘Moral and Epistemic Responsibility for Beliefs about Extreme Means’ Simo P. Kyllönen & Ninni Suni

30 juni 2023

11. Lecture on ‘Putting the Insanity Defence on Trial’ by Dr. Eugenia Lancelotta

30 juni 2023

10. Lightning talk ‘Bearing Witness to Extreme Belief: How Social Media Influences the Imagery of IS women’ by Luca Tripaldelli

30 juni 2023

09b. ‘Distinguishing Violent Extremism from Criminal Insanity’ by Stephen Mathis

30 juni 2023

09a. ‘Weak Minds’ Keynote lecture by Dr. Ken Levy

30 juni 2023

08. Keynote on ‘Extremism, multidimensionalism, and myopia’ by Ian James Kidd

29 juni 2023