Workshop: ‘Explaining Extreme Belief and Extreme Behavior’ 15 and 16th of September 2022

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Workshop: ‘Explaining Extreme Belief and Extreme Behavior’ 15 and 16th of September 2022

Datum evenement: 16 september 2022
Locatie: Hybrid


Explaining Extreme Belief and Extreme Behavior
International Workshop and Symposium
When: Wednesday and Thursday 15-16 September 2022
Where: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and online
Organizers: Nora Kindermann, Naomi Kloosterboer, Rik Peels, Chris Ranalli

Workshop theme
Extreme beliefs and extreme behavior manifest themselves in phenomena such as fundamentalism, fanaticism, extremism, terrorism, and conspiracy theorizing. Research regarding these phenomena can seek to empirically and historically describe them, search for a conceptual analysis and mapping of these phenomena, try to epistemically and ethically assess them, seek to understand them, or, from a more practical perspective, to prevent them. After conceptualizing these phenomena in a Workshop in December 2021, we will now move on to explore explaining these phenomena.

Set-up of the workshop
The workshop is entirely plenary and consists only of keynote lectures. It is followed, on its second day, by a symposium on interdisciplinarity in seeking explanations for extreme belief and extreme behavior. This symposium will address such questions as: What are the obstacles and challenges to interdisciplinarity when it comes to explaining extreme belief and extreme behavior?; What are best practices of interdisciplinarity on this subject?; Which questions regarding explanations for extreme phenomena can be tackled by individual disciplines and which ones not?. The two events are independent, so one can attend the one without attending the other.

Confirmed speakers:
Lorne Dawson, Beatrice de Graaf, John Horgan, Sophia Moskalenko, Rik Peels

Cautionary note: The workshop will be held physically, but also digitally for those who can only attend online.

To register for this event (for both physical and online attendance): send an e-mail to