Anne Dijk

External PhD candidate

Anne Dijk carries out a PhD project that studies the perception of women in various fundamentalist movements. She also works as an independent analyst and senior strategic advisor at the company Fikr Consultancy and is engaged in research, interpretation, analysis, organizational development & strategic policy advice. She is also founder and chairman of the Fahm Institute Foundation and she teaches various Fahm courses, is a public speaker and author (including The Covenants of Mohammad with the Christians”, translated, introduced and with interview questions by Anne Dijk (Dutch only), Sept 2020).

In her academic studies (Research Master Religious Studies UvA, Bachelor Religion & Worldviews and Islamic Theology at the VU) she focused on the reinterpretation of Shari’a, Argumentation in Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh) and Gender & Authority in Islam. She also attended the intensive summer course “decolonial studies & political philosophy” in Granada and Spirituality & Islam (Alqueria de Rosales, Spain). She is engaged in various forms of dialogue, in which the connection of diversity is central.