Julia Duetz

External PhD candidate

Julia Duetz is a Phd candidate with the faculty of Humanities and Junior Lecturer at the John Stuart Mill College, where she teaches courses for the bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Her research focusses on the nature of and arguments for belief in conspiracy theories by uncovering and evaluating the belief policies characteristic of conspiracy mindsets.

Duetz holds a BA in Philosophy and a BA of Laws (LL.B.) from Utrecht University (2019).  In her Research Master Philosophy at VU Amsterdam, she focused on interdisciplinary approaches to philosophical problems with societal relevance. More specifically, finding solutions to ethical problems in society by appeal to standards of rationality, using logic as a tool for evaluating problems in non-philosophical (i.e., judicial) reasoning, and conducting empirically informed research into the belief policies grounding belief in the Flat Earth theory.