Naomi Kloosterboer


Dr. Naomi Kloosterboer is postdoc within the project ‘Extreme Beliefs – The Epistemology and Ethics of Fundamentalism’. She will focus on the question whether those harboring fundamentalist beliefs can appeal to excuses that mitigate their responsibility. She will develop an account of how rational capacities can be undermined by social factors, such as isolation, group pressure or indoctrination, to such a degree that individual or group moral responsibility is mitigated.

This project furthers Naomi’s interests in human rational capacities, (mental) agency, and responsibility. In 2019, Naomi finished her dissertation Attitude and Commitment: A Study of Transparent Self-Knowledge. She has published several articles in academic journals and engaged in public discussions via blog posts, public debates, and Socratic conversations. She has taught courses on philosophy of action, ethics, medical ethics, moral psychology, political and social philosophy and philosophy of science.