Nora Kindermann

PhD candidate

Nora is a PhD candidate within the project ‘Extreme Beliefs – The Epistemology and Ethics of Fundamentalism’. Her research focuses on developing an epistemology of fundamentalist belief of individuals. Specifically, during her research she analyses the notion of fundamentalist belief, explores the relation of fundamentalist belief and other epistemically detrimental phenomena, and investigates which positive and negative epistemic statuses fundamentalist belief can have.

Nora holds a BA in Humanistic Studies (2016) from the University of Humanistic Studies, and a BA in Philosophy (2017) from Utrecht University. In the course of the MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights (2018) at Utrecht University she researched the actions of the anti-IS coalition in Syria and the perception thereof by the local population. During the MA Religion and Identity in the Modern World at the University of Amsterdam (2020) she researched the assumed role of religion in the process of radicalization.

Nora previously worked as a policy officer at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was affiliated to the project ‘The Intimacies of Remote Warfare’ as an assistant research fellow.