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Book Symposium Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis – Quassim Cassam

1 February 2022

Towards a Fruitful Concept of Radicalization: Synthesizing Absolutism and Contextualism – Rik Peels

23 November 2021

Social Epistemology of Deviant Beliefs: Epistemic Trust and Bounded Rationality – Michael Baurmann

25 January 2022

What are beliefs in conspiracy theories and how do they differ from delusions? – Lisa Bortolotti

16 November 2021

Book symposium: Radicale verlossing. Wat terroristen geloven – Beatrice de Graaf

12 October 2021

Vice Explanations for Extreme Beliefs – Rik Peels

30 June 2021

Conspiracy Theories as Extreme Beliefs – Jaron Harambam

15 June 2021

What are fundamentalist beliefs? – Rik Peels & Nora Kindermann

18 May 2021