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Interdisciplinary Workshop: Extreme Beliefs: Mapping the Terrain (15th and 16th December 2021)

Datum evenement: 15 December 2021
Locatie: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Zoom


Taking part in the conference on 15th and 16th December is completely digital and free! You can now register via: https://forms.gle/yVVHG2vGJYt3Xdnj6

Fundamentalism, extremism, radicalism, fanaticism, terrorism, and conspiricism have something in common: they are often driven by extreme beliefs. Of course, these phenomena consist of much more than just beliefs; they comprise affections, actions, rituals, customs, symbols, and much more. Yet, extreme beliefs seem an inalienable part of them. Since such beliefs are less visible than actions, they have received less attention in academic scholarship. They raise many questions, though: when are beliefs extreme, can fundamentalist and extremist beliefs be justified?, to what extent do extreme beliefs play a role in explaining phenomena like extremism and terrorism?, are there common ways among these different movements that such extreme beliefs come about?, how do extreme beliefs relate to moral and epistemic character? This international workshop addresses these pivotal questions at the intersection of research on extremism, conspiracy theory, fundamentalism, terrorism, and radicalism. The aim, then, is to provide a rigorous conceptual map of the terrain that scholars in these fields can use to empirically and historically scrutinize these challenging societal phenomena.

Description Workshop Extreme Beliefs.

Extreme Beliefs Conference Booklet (including schedule)



Quassim Cassam, Nomi Claire Lazar, Rik Peels, Tahir Abbas, Beatrice de Graaf, Nora Kindermann, Chris Ranalli, Ruth Tietjen, Finlay Malcolm, and Naomi Kloosterboer.